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We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

Children of the Fence!!

So I have a ticket to the Coheed concert at the Wiltern in LA, but sadly I will not be able to go. I am going to put the tickets up for sale if I dont find a buyer soon but I wanted to give any of my coheed fan followers on here the option first. The Venue is sold out, so.

Let me know if you are interested.

haha in the note of introvert/extroverts

I did the Myers-Briggs thing because why not and I share a type with a bunch of amazing others like Rowling, Tolkien, Lewis,  Homer, Poe…and a bunch of other super awesome authors, poets, and great thinkers.

not sure how accurate i find tests like these but i enjoy the thought of that.

Anyone else notice that no one on tumblr makes a big deal out of being in extrovert, yet all the introverts seem to want to draw attention to the fact that they are introverts, seems a bit odd to me.

This has likely already hit tumblr, but its a good stuff.

(note his other videos may be offensive to some of you, so, well youve been warned) 

I am tempted to merely say people don’t change, but I know that isn’t true as I know everyone does, I guess what I mean to say is…not everyone grows, not everyone moves forward, not everyone changes for the better.

I weep for what you once were, and what you are now.