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We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

I need opinions.

So I am working on something, and while I feel like I have a good idea of how many people will reply to this, I am hoping to get some varied opinions: So, what is are your opinions on video games, specifically in the realm of Christianity and being a mature man of God?

(Ladies and Gents, all are free to answer, but I dont need arguments or attacks on other peoples opinions so if you want to “debate” with someone do it privately please.)

I reaaaally need some input on this so please contribute!

please reblog or as your friends for me the more opinion the better! 

Dear Tumblr Friends,

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I want you all to make me a promise. I want you all to promise that if you ever end up in the “Spiderman scenario” — the situation in which you think/are told you have to tell someone you don’t love them or break up with that person in order to protect them — that you won’t be an idiot and you’ll treat them like an intelligent human being and tell them the gosh darn truth.

Well I can’t just tell her I am Spider-man…

Now I know God is more than enough,

However, just once when someone told me they loved me…well I wish they meant it. 

Just once.

I would like to do the “:right thing ” and not feel  like a piece of garbage for doing it. 

but maybe that is what I am.


im bored…someone snapchat me


I know you followers have it, i see your posts!